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Wrestling Classes

We are proud to announce tat we are running a No Gi Wrestling Class  run by Ian Strachan an experienced Wrestling Coach. All BJJ & MMA guys are welcome.

Please note this a a wrestling class, so you will be taught pure freestyle wrestling and then you will be able to take these skills away an apply it to your training programs.

Everyone welcome, irrespective of club or affiliation, ALL EGO LEFT AT THE DOOR, everyone will be required to respect their training partners. This class is ideal for those looking to learn wrestling for the first time and those looking to build on existing skills.

Takedowns, clinch work and defences is all covered.

For more info, please contact Enzo on 07867511803.

Here is the current 12 week wrestling programme we are working through. Although we recommend attending every wrestling class, if you see a specific technique you want to learn please feel free to drop in:

12 week wrestling programme April to July 2013 - Sheet1

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