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Stuart Anderson BJJ Black Belt and true gentleman

by Enzo Vullo on December 7, 2015

Today i had the honour of seeing my friend and long term training partner Stuart Anderson receive his BJJ Black Belt.

In BJJ I believe you are either a white belt or a black belt. I am not a black belt, so my words below are based on my thoughts of Stuart as a man, as a team mate and as a friend.

Seeing Stuart get his Black Belt was an incredible moment that could not happen to a nicer, more genuine guy. Stuart is a gentlemen both on and off the mat and represents everything good about BJJ and martial arts.

I first met Stuart as a blue belt at a competition. As with 99% of the time you are with Stuart, he was smiling, chatting with everyone and doing his best to keep Dave Oakes (another great guy) out of trouble.

Due to geographical circumstances shortly after this Stuart and Dave moved clubs and started training with Arlans at Edmonton.

Stuart and I connected immediately. His ‘Bruce Lee’ body served as a constant reminder to train hard, eat clean and maintain discipline both on and off the mat.

Stuart became my personal target for weight loss, but despite coming close a few times I have never managed to match his 71 ish kg fight weight.

Surrounded by the craziness, excess and volume of Arlans, Wes and Dave, Stuart ‘Mr Anderson’ has always managed to maintain a calm and humble demeanour whilst displaying killer jiu jitsu.

It is an extremely surreal experience being choke by someone who is super chilled. I often ask myself two questions in quick succession when rolling with Stu – ‘why is he not trying?’ and ‘how has he just submitted me?’.

Many people do not realise his age (40 years young) or that he had a terrible back injury that resulted in him having just over 4 years off jiu jitsu whilst he was a blue belt.

This injury and absence from jiu jitsu would have broken a lesser man. But not Stuart. After 4 years of rehab and effort he was back on the mat. They say that ordinary people don’t get to be BJJ Black Belts. This one act of courage and determination signalled to me that Stuart is most definitely extraordinary.

Physically and mentally Stuart is tough. Really tough. He is arguably the most difficult person to submit within our organisation. But more importantly he never gives up.

Stuart has always been there for me, supporting and encouraging me through the highs and lows of life. This has included teaching at BJJ Hertfordshire for 6 months when I went travelling, cornering/commiserating/congratulating me at competitions and sharing amazing times off the mat, including both our wedding days.

Stuart now balances competing and teaching. Stuart is a avid student of jiu jitsu and always has a tip or detail he can give you to make your game even better.

Stuart’s contribution to BJJ in the UK is deep and consistent. He has spent time in training in Brazil, he represented the UK in national team events at the Euros and now shares his knowledge and experience teaching others.

I am very proud and honoured to call Stuart my friend, team mate and now a BJJ Black Belt that I look up to.

If we were all a bit more like Stuart the BJJ and ‘real’ world would both be better places.

I look forward to continue to learn from Stuart and sharing the mat with him.

Stuart Anderson a great man, a great jiu jitsu player and now a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.

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