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Something new and improved for June’s BJJ classes

by Enzo Vullo on June 4, 2015

“Your actions are only as orderly or efficient as your thoughts that govern them” John Danaher

Guys, I am going to teach differently in June, my goal is to use a flow to get everyone comfortable, then familiar and then masterful with chaining technicals (both escapes and submissions) together. This is so that we are all ABSOLUTELY clear on what we need to do in a sparring situation and we, in turn, can aggressively and confidently execute the techniques.

This change is a result of listening and watch John Danaher (see here => and Kit Dale discuss learning methods.

So, the classes for June will work as follows:

  • Short warm up – run, shrimp, inverted rolls, arm bar swings and neck bridges
  • 4 rounds of 5 minute flows per person (2x on top, and 2 x on the bottom)
  • Sparring
  • Warm down 2 rounds of 5 minutes flows per person (1x on top, and 1x on the bottom)

There will be just two different flows for June, one for Gi class and a different one for no gi classes.

My goal with BJJ Hertfordshire has never been to have lots of students, but instead to provide support, progresson and recognition to students. This means having the best possible learning methods and environment. I believe that to do this, I constantly need to look to make my teaching even better.

I hope you all work with me and support this change in method of teaching by giving you full effort and attention (as you always do) in class. If, at the end of June, anyone is unhappy with their progress I am happy to give them a refund on their fees.

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