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New BJJ Coaches at BJJ Hertfordshire

by Enzo Vullo on December 29, 2014

I am pleased to announce that Colin Todd and Chris Ranger will be teaching BJJ classes at the gym in 2015. This will provide an even better learning experience for students and support for me.

Both Colin and Chris are technically excellent, with battle tested jiu jitsu, plus they have a passion and a talent for teaching.

More importantly they have both shown that they are able to bounce back from losses and disappoint and apply themselves to succeed. This character and determination demonstrates everything that BJJ Hertfordshire stands for.

I personally respect both as jiu jitsu players and human beings.

Colin and Chris have both agreed to ensure that all classes they teach will be in line with the BJJ Hertfordshire COACH and STUDENT agreement.

Due to work and other commitments, there will be no set classes that they will teach for now, the plan is to release the class content and coaches a month at a time as we go through 2015. The advantage our club has always had is that we are small and agile so we can change things around quickly to ensure that best coaching is provided.


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