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BJJ Hertfordshire review of 2014

by Enzo Vullo on December 21, 2014

It has been another brilliant year at BJJ Hertfordshire, where, once again, we have exceeded the achievements of the previous year.

We have both gained and lost some students this year.

However, my only focus for 2015 will continues to be that I make sure that every class is the best it can be.

This means that  the coach(es) running all classes 2015 will do their best to provide those that attend three things – SUPPORT, PROGRESSION and RECOGNITION.

This is a long post, so in summary I would like to make three points:

  • Firstly, thank you to all the students that give up their time, and pay their hard earned money to come and train at the club – I am also humbled that you choose to be part of what I am trying to create, and without your effort and dedication, BJJ Hertfordshire simply would not exists. In particularly, I would like to thank the monthly members, your commitment to the club provides me with the support to know that every month the rent is paid.
  • Secondly, I would like to thank Prof Roberto Ferreira da Silva, Prof Arlans Siqueira for sharing their Jiu Jitsu and inspiring us all on our BJJ journey. Everything else good that happens at BJJ Hertfordshire, from the amazing wrestling (thank Ian and Derek) and judo (thanks Matt) classes, to the guest instructors that teach us, is a result of us trying to improve our jiu jitsu skills.
  • Thirdly, I am happy that this year, good or otherwise, everyone got what they deserved. If I can hope one thing for everyone in 2015, myself included, I hope that we all get what we deserve. 

Review of 2014 – Instructors, Coaches and programs

This year we had the following coaches, instructors a programs at BJJ Hertfordshire:

BJJ 5th degree Black Belt – Prof Roberto Ferreira da Silva – Beto & Cia Jiu Jitsu
BJJ 2nd degree Black Belt – Prof Arlans Siqueira

Guest instructor – BJJ Black Belt Kev Capel (from RGA Bucks)

BJJ Brown Belt – Stuart Anderson
BJJ Brown Belt – Wes Ephson
BJJ Purple Belt – Colin Todd
BJJ Purple Belt – Chris Ranger
BJJ Blue Belts (Kids BJJ Instructors) – Johnny & Duncan Mallaburn

Freestyle Wrestling  – Ian Strachan
Freestyle Wrestling  – Derek  Arkley

Judo Black Belt – Matt Hammond

Handstand course – Jennifer from Affinity Gymnastics 

BJJ Belt Promotions

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a physically and mentally tough sport – progression takes time, application and willingness to push outside of your personal comfort zone. Many people fail, not because they fall, but because they stop trying. This year, the following individuals got up every time they fell, and as a result were promoted by Arlans:

Chris Ranger promoted to Purple Belt
Dom Walsh promoted to Blue Belt
Simon Birch promoted to Blue Belt
Stuart Mann promoted to Blue Belt
Chris Waring promoted to Blue Belt

Competition results:

Many people do BJJ for many different reason. Although competing is not for everyone, it is a part of BJJ which some like to use to test themselves in the arena of combat. In 2014, we won more medals that previous years and had more people competing. I believe that this trend will continue into 2015.

(Please let me know if I have missed any off the list and I will update as required)

BJJ Competitions:

English Open – Purple Belt – Bronze – Colin Todd

English Open – Blue Belt – Bronze – Chris Ranger

English Open – White Belt – Gold – Chris Waring

English Open – White Belt – Bronze – Steve Rogers

English Open – White Belt – Bronze – Stuart Mann

Kids English Open – White Belt – Gold – Tommy

Kids English Open – Yellow Belt – Bronze – Jack

Kids English Open – Yellow Belt – Bronze – Billy

Bournemouth Open – Brown Belt – Gold (Bronze Absolute) – Enzo Vullo

Bournemouth Open – Brown Belt – Bronze Absolute – Chris Ranger

Surrey Open – Brown Belt – Silver (Bronze Absolute)  – Enzo Vullo

Chelmsford Open – White Belt – Gold – Dom Walsh

Chelmsford Open – Brown Belt – Silver – Enzo Vullo

Brighton Open (No Gi) – Blue Belt – Silver – Chris Ranger

Wrestling Competitions:

Bedfordshire Wrestling Championship – Gold – Enzo Vullo

Thank you once again for everyone that supported BJJ Hertfordshire throughout 2014 – it was an awesome year, and I expected 2015 to be even better. 

I wish you all at the very least a happy and healthy 2015 – anything else is a bonus.

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