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ACTION REQUIRED: BJJ Hertfordshire membership, prices and schedule for 2016

by Enzo Vullo on December 31, 2015


As many of you are aware Arlans and Andrew will be running BJJ Hertfordshire in 2016. This includes the teaching (Arlans) and the financial side (Andrew) of the business, whilst I (Enzo) take a year off.

As Arlans runs lots of clubs whilst teaching, Andrew is the best person to speak to in the first instance if you have any questions about anything – his number is 07725544867.  Andrew will also be at the academy next week during the Tuesday and Thursday classes from 6pm so you can also ask him any questions you have then too if you prefer.

Monthly membership fees and individual class prices

I have now cancelled all previous memberships, so those wanting to pay monthly for classes will need to sign up below:

Sign up for the £75 for the Adult monthly PayPal payment HERE

Sign up for the £50 for the Juvenile (i.e. those under 18 years of age that are too big for the kids class eg Billy, Jack, Jayden) monthly PayPal payment HERE

Sign up for the £35 for the Kids monthly PayPal please click HERE

Please can you make sure that you have created your membership before you train next. If you get aid in the middle of the month, please speak to Andrew.

The price per class for the kids classes will remain at £5, but the fee for each adult class will now be £15. With regards to the adult price per class, this actually means that your £15 gets you access to all classes taught on that day, eg on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays there are two adult classes on the timetable, so you will pay £15 to attend both not £30 each day.

Annual memberships and insurance

Everyone (kids and adults) that trains will need to have annual membership, this fee will include insuring you.

Kids £10

Adults £30

Andrew will have a list of who needs to pay at the classes next Tuesday and Thursday, so please ask him if you are not sure when last years membership/insurance expires.

Please can you pay this fee in cash.

Class schedule 2016


7:30pm Wrestling with Ian or Derek


7pm BJJ Drills and Skills with Arlans

8pm Open mat with Arlans


6pm Kids BJJ with Arlans and Johnny

6pm Adult Judo with Matt

7pm Adult BJJ with Arlans


8am Kids BJJ with Johnny

9am BJJ Skills and Drills with Chris or Colin

10am Adult No Gi with Chris or Colin

I would just like to take this opportunity once again to thank you all for you effort and commitment other the last 5 years, I have loved teaching you and I love what we have built, so please maintain the standards we have set.

Special thank you to Colin, Chris, Johnny, Duncan, Dom, Judo Matt, Ian and Derek who have supported me by teaching over the last 5 years.

Thank you also to Arlans and Andrew for facilitating my year sabbatical. 

I plan to be back in 2017, so I hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous (in that order) 2016.



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