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Have a question about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)? Here some of our students give there answers:


1. What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
bjj is a martial art/sport. it is a grappling system that primarily takes place on the ground. the objective is to use a series of movements/techniques (guard passes,sweeps, escapes) to gain an advance/superiar position over an opponent or to submit them using a variety of attacks that include joint locks and chokes.

2. What are the benefits?
like most sports and martial arts you can expect to see a massive improvement in your fitness. you will see and feel the benefits, bjj is truely a complete workout that will improve your cardio strength flexibility and will also keep your mind sharp.

3. What will you learn?
it’s a long road to blackbelt, there are (100’s or 1000’s) of techniques that make up BJJ.there’s also a  science to bjj, other than the techniques you will learn how to distribute your weight, how to use your body to create momentum and you will learn about the human body it’s strong points and weak points. In bjj you are always learning.

4. What should you expect?
You should expect an excellent workout. bjj can be very physically demanding you will use muscles you may never knew you had before. but it is extremely fun and highly addictive.

5. Who is BJJ not for?
anyone can do bjj but would not recommend it if you expect to become a master over night it requires a level of patience and can be frustrating, or your reasons for learning are to harm people.


1. BJJ is a highly effective form of grappling, it comes from the Japanese Jiu Jitsu but it has an emphasis on ground combat and real-life application. It is based on the principle that, through technique and leverage, a smaller guy can win a fight with a much larger opponent.

2. Benefits include all-round fitness, increased balance and body control, increase pain threshold. Also, the grappling nature of the sport allows students to start competing fairly soon and more often than in other combat sports ( striking arts for instance ), which boosts self confidence.

3. You’ll learn to control your body and use strength more efficiently. You’ll develop great reflexes and an extremely sharp mind, as well as very powerful and effective techniques. Bjj might be perceived as an individual sport, but you’ll find that it develops and promotes team spirit to an extremely high level. Your personal success largely depends on your teammates, with whom you grapple day in day out, and your instructors always there to push you to do better.

4. From an average training session, you can expect an intense physical workout followed by technique drills. Techniques will be thoroughly demonstrated and drilled over and over, as repetition is key in this discipline, and new techniques will be introduced so you can add them to your arsenal once mastered. The last portion of the session is dedicated to live sparring. This is in no way compulsory, but it is encouraged as it allows you to try the techniques you’ve learnt in a live yet completely safe environment. As you start off, you can expect 100% support from the rest of the team and instructors, and everybody will take the time to help you including the more experienced members of the team. After all, once they were exactly where you are now.

5. Bjj can be physically demanding and it is a contact sport, so it is not recommended for people who can’t stand physical contact. There is a range of sensations that we’re not used to in our day to day, and that will be experienced through bjj, that can be too much for some individuals even though training is totally safe ( such as feeling of suffocation due to chokes, limbs bending at weird angles, or having somebody’s bodyweight immobilizing you ). Also, as your body get used to a whole new way of moving and reacting, you might experience some soreness especially if you decide to take part in the live sparring. In that instance, more experienced guys will control you and submit you at will and that’s what it takes at the beginning to then gauge your progress going forward. If you have a problem with “losing” ( even though this has nothing to do with losing, as you’re actually gaining more than you know every time you get submitted ) or feeling powerless against an opponent, you might think about it before sparring.


1. What is Brazilian Jiu JItsu?
BJJ is a modern and dynamic martial art with a rich focus on ground game fighting whereby size and strength comes second to the strong structure of technique, leverage and strategy.

2. What are the benefits?
BJJ has been similated to a physical chess match, every move has a counter and every counter has a counter. Due to this nature, your fitness, focus and thinking will progress.
One benefit is the ability to relax and think without panicking, this self control and awareness of your situation is a powerful progression in self defense.

3. What will you learn?
Your knowledge, experience and ability will rapidly improve within the first few months. These basic techniques provide a strong foundation in both training and real life situations.

4. What should you expect?
Practitioners of BJJ tend to be very open and friendly and BBJH is no different, all students appreciate and understand the role of developing newcomers.
You should expect in every class a structured set of techniques to learn and drill followed by rolling (sparring) with all levels of students to practice your new found knowledge.

5. Who is BJJ not for?
Bad sportsman, BJJ can be a very humbling experience.


Bjj is a combat martial art which has a focus of ground grappling and submission holds .

One of the main benefits is that is is a very powerful self defence martial art and can also be used by the army, police .

You will learn the Brazilian jui jitsu methods of grappling , submission holds and takedowns as well as developing a mindset for smooth moment and using your body weight and centre of gravity
As a major part of the brazilian jui jitsu arsenal.

You can expect to learn bjj at a comfortable individual pace, everybody at the club understands people have different levels of fitness and capabilities as well as “work the next day” . enjoy bjj in a friendly environment whilst learning to respect each other and have a disciplined approach to this combat martial art .

Bjj is not for people with major injuries , possibley consult your doctor with any concerns

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